Areola Repigmentation

  • Areola repigmentation (nipple tattoo) is a medical micropigmentation procedure that replicates the appearance of a nipple areola complex, post breast surgery.
  • Re-pigmentation of the areola should be done at least 6-12 months post reconstruction, as then breasts and scars have settled and emotionally the client is ready for the next step to the final stage of a complete breast reconstruction.
  • It is done with the same equipment as tattoo studios use and provides a very satisfactory replication of the areola.
  • It also has the advantage of being a simple procedure that does not require another donor site or scar.
  • A medical grade topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the area to be worked on, so very little discomfort will be felt during procedure

What is your expectation of final result?

  • During your consultation, we will discuss the pigment(colour) to be used, bearing in mind straight after re-pigmentation, areola will look extremely dark.
  • As the body goes through all the healing stages, the areola will start to scab and by the end of the first week, and will be quite itchy, it is very important not to pick or pull scabs, as then you run the risk of pulling out the pigment.
  • When the scabs have finally healed and fall off, the true colour of the newly pigmented areola will be evident in 4-6 weeks, the tattoo would have lightened by 50%.
  • Areola re-pigmentation can also be done on a non- reconstructed breast/ chest.

Aftercare protocol

  • There will be a little swelling after the procedure- advisable if tender to take an analgesic (pain killer) preferably with an anti-inflammatory to help with the tenderness.
  • Apply the ointment given, Bacitracin (antibiotic ointment) with an earbud for 48 hours after the procedure two times a day.
  • You may shower using the anti-bacterial soap that is in your aftercare pack, try and not soak newly tattooed area, pat gently dry and apply ointment.
  • You must remember I have implanted pigment into your skin, by the process of opening-up the skin, thus creating a wound, which must heal, and the pigment must heal in the skin.
  • Only use ointment Bacitracin (antibiotic ointment) until sachet is finished (48 hours) and then follow on with Bepanthene cream.
  • After a couple of days the area will begin to enter the peeling stage.
  • Be very sure not to pull scabs off, as if it is not ready to come off, it could pull the colour out from underneath, leaving the newly tattooed areola, patchy and uneven.
  • If you suspect you have an infection, please contact me immediately, but if you follow the aftercare protocol there should be no problems.
  • At the 6 week check-up, we can decide if you need a touch up or not, which will be done at a reduced rate.