Tattoo Removal

During the healing phase, ink is absorbed into the scab and eliminated.

123 Tattoo Free Removal

123 Tattoo Free developed and created by Tattoo artist Ron Hendon in USA, now available in South Africa.

123 Tattoo FREE removes most tattoos in 1-3 sessions utilizing a mild exfoliating formula, combined with a virtually painless pinpoint abrasion process.

There is no other method that actually removes the ink from the skin other than 123 Tattoo Free.

All other methods depend on the body to absorb or carry unwanted ink into the blood stream through the lymphatic system, with possible allergenic situation.

123 Tattoo Free simply creates a mild irritation that causes the body to naturally reject the pigment.

During your consultation, the procedure will be explained in detail as well as going over the aftercare protocol, which if not followed, can lead to disappointing results


Is it safe to use?

It is a totally unique formula, all ingredients are FDA approved to be used in broken skin.

Will it be painful?

A topical anaesthetic  (numbing) cream is used on the area to be worked, very little discomfort is felt during procedure.

Will there be a scar left?

As with any removal method the skin will be pink initially, but after 3-6 months melanin returns.

No method can guarantee absolutely no scar, as if the tattoo was put in too deep initially, there is already scar tissue and to retrieve the ink further scaring can result.

123 Tattoo Free has a 89% rate of scar free removal compared to laser that has a 60 % chance of scarring.

There is a difference between leaving scar tissue behind from a process and having to wait for the melanin  (skin colour) to regenerate, which can take up to 6 months.

Once scab has fallen off naturally, it is best to massage area deeply with coconut oil to help break down any excess collagen build up, this should be done at least twice a day.

What is the aftercare protocol?

The aftercare protocol will be discussed in detail at consultation.

It is a simple aftercare, where the client is shown how to make up a strong salt solution using cooled boiled water and table salt. This is used to clean removal site three times a day.

A fresh solution is to be made up each day.

The purpose of doing this, is to reduce chances of infection and to dry out the removal, this is the most important factor, is to keep it dry, no swimming or soaking area in the bath and to keep applying salt solution three times a day, until scab comes away naturally.

When it comes to healing and scab falling off, everyone is unique, some people heal quicker than others, the longer the scab on the tattoo removal site, the more ink will be drawn into the scab and out the body.

If you pull scab off prematurely, there is a good chance you will leave a scar.

Once scab has come off, important to massage removal site with coconut oil quite vigorously to prevent collagen build up.

At the 6 week check-up, it will then be discussed if another session is necessary.

I like my client to send me a photo of removal weekly, so that I can monitor the progress, and if the client is concerned for any reason, I'd rather they contact me, so we can discuss any concerns before they become a problem.