Permanent Make-Up

Premier Pigments has been formulating and producing permanent cosmetic pigments for the intradermal cosmetic industry since 1988.

Premier Pigments enjoys a pre-eminent reputation in the development and quality of the world’s finest permanent cosmetic pigments, and are formulated with pigments with a long history of no known allergic reactions.

Ideally book a free consultation beforehand,to discuss what permanent make-up you are wanting.

Colour of choice and I can then explain how the procedure is done in detail and answer any questions

To go through the pre-permanent make-up advice tips.

To go through the indemnity form, so by the time you come for your appointment, you are fully confident what the procedure involves, all your questions will be answered so you can arrive stress free and enjoy a couple of hours of “me" time that you fully deserve.

Wake Up with Make-Up

Eye Liner – Lash line, accentuating eyes following the natural line of your lashes.

Shaded Eyebrows – shaped to the satisfaction of the client.


The most commonly asked question. Will it be sore, will I feel pain?

It is important to know I have been trained by Premier Permanent who have taught us an almost pain free technique.

Prior to starting the procedure, we apply an anaesthetic cream onto the area to be worked , the time varies according to where i am going to be working, normally it takes the anaesthetic between 45 mins to an hour to become fully effective, so that the procedure will be carried out pain free.

After the procedure, a pain killer with an anti-inflammatory may be taken to help reduce swelling.

There are other factors that can affect the effectiveness of the anaesthetic cream, which will be discussed in your consultation before the procedure.