Stretch Mark Reduction & Scar Revision

Dry needling/medical tattooing brings new life(blood) into the damaged areas,and using a tattoo machine is a very quick and precise way of making this happen.

Numbing cream is applied on to area to be worked, procedure is carried out pain free.

No pigment is tattooed into your skin, the tattoo machine is “running dry" using only glycerine so needles glide effortlessly.

Suitable for all skin types, able to treat stretch marks – face lift scars – tummy tuck scars – caesarean scars -acne scars – burns – breast surgery scars

How does it work?

New tissue grows in the damaged skin.

White,purple and red scars begin to normalise.

Raised and bumpy scars smooth and flatten.

Gently break up tight, restricting and fibrous scar tissue.

Numb areas of burnt or scarred tissue may regain feeling.

NOTE: This cannot be a scar removal service, even surgery cannot promise this, however the look, feel and function of scarred tissue can be greatly improved.

How long before I see any results?

New collagen starts growing about 3 weeks after a treatment, and will continue to develop over the next coming weeks and months.

How many treatments and how long between treatments?

Three treatments are usually recommended, but depending on the severity of the scar more treatments may be necessary.

Six weeks between treatments, allows skin to heal.

After third treatment, allow 4 – 6 months before deciding if any more treatments are needed.

 How long does the effect last?

For scars, burns and stretch marks the results are permanent.

The new smoother skin will not revert, however the natural ageing process will not be stopped.

For wrinkles and loose skin, maintenance treatments should be considered.

What will the area look like after a dry needling treatment?

After treatment the area will look very red, a little swelling.

This will last for a few days, area could even peel.

The skin then goes through a more natural and gentle healing process.

 Contra-Indications to scar revision

Any open or active spots/acne, active herpes outbreaks or other acute infection or inflammation of the skin.

Blood clotting problems, poor healing, skin malignancies, raised moles and any open cuts and wounds.

Skin prone to hyperpigmentation

Achievable results from Scar revision/Dry needling

Loose and sunken scars and stretch marks begin to fill and firm.

White shiny stretch marks begin to normalise in colour.

For those who tan easily, stretch marks will also tan.

Pink, purple and red scars and stretch marks begin to normalise in colour.

How quickly you go through the process of improvement, depends on how quickly your body produces collagen in reaction to the treatment.