The “why” of B-youtiful…

My journey into working in this arena was formed during my nursing career in the chemotherapy unit in Pietermartizburg.  Twenty years ago Cancer patients who underwent chemo’ and mastectomies were not able to find ways to recover their former body image, which often was severely affected by the surgery. This in turn affected their relationship with their body and with their partners.  In 2015, I decided to follow my heart to make a difference to people who have had this experience.  I have trained and qualified as an Intradermal Cosmetic Practitioner through Premier Permanent.  This training allows me to assist post-mastectomy clients to restore their breast areas to look similar to their former self.  It is very personal work, and I am always honoured to be part of their journey back to wholeness.

I believe “once a nurse always a nurse" and that my nursing background ensures I offer my services with a warm and caring approach, as I understand the journey my clients have travelled already.

My work focuses on restoring the look of the breast around the nipple area after a mastectomy.  This is called Areola Repigmentation, in which I use a medical grade topical anaesthetic cream to provide a comfortable experience while I work on the area.  The work is often done in 2 stages and results are profound.  There is a healing period of 6 weeks where the true colour emerges, we have a follow-up assessment and we work together to achieve the result you are looking for.

​I also offer a variety of other services skin rejuvenation treatments, scar revision, tattoo removal (a laser free method), permanent make-up, medical piercings and the Ultimate Keratin lash treatment to enhance your own lashes (extension free).

​All my procedures, except the Keratin eye lash enhancement, are performed using a topical anaesthetic before the treatment, therefore allowing a pain free experience.